A New Kind of Drive- In?

We got up early so George could go to the doctor’s office for blood work.  It is strange, during retirement, to set the alarm clock.  Not a welcomed sound in the morning — too much like work!

He really didn’t want to go to the doctor, but had to in order to get a prescription refilled.  It was a really slick process today….

They told him to pull into the main parking lot at his scheduled appointment time, and to then call the office.  He did.  Then, they told him to drive around to the back of the office, the employee parking lot.

The phlebotomist waved to us, showing which slot to pull into.

She approached the car and confirmed his identify. Everyone had masks on, of course.

Then, she got her gear ready, and George unbuckled his seat belt in order to move around a bit.

Then, she drew his blood while he was still sitting in the driver’s seat.

We were out of there in 15 minutes, with limited exposure to anyone.  What a great system!  In a week, George has a tele-medicine meeting via Zoom with his doctor to review his bloodwork results and overall physical well-being.  This was SO much better than sitting in a crowded waiting room forever, and being exposed to who-knows-what.

Hungry, we looked for some breakfast.  Not many options.  We found a cute cafe that had converted itself to drive-up.  They had marked the parking lot up so you can pull in to a parking slot.  The waiter came to the truck to take our order.  Again, very little exposure to anything.  We shared a tasty breakfast sandwich.

Since we were in that part of town, we stopped at a specialty fruit and veg shop.  It wasn’t very crowded, and they seemed to be taking a lot of precautions.  The only disappointment was that they were out of most of the things we wanted.  I picked up some things for neighbors, too.

On our way home, we filled up the pick-up for $1.32/gallon. We were feeling proud of ourselves until we drove a block farther and saw it for $1.29. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


In the afternoon, I fertilized my herbs and some baby plants we are trying to grow.  Did some reading.

DINNER:  To India tonight…..Chicken tikka masala over rice.  I warmed up some of the leftover chicken, carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes (from the chicken roast dinner the other night) and stirred in the store-bought sauce.  Served over rice.  Side was pita bread with raita – a condiment made of diced cucumbers in Greek yogurt, flavored with turmeric and cumin.  Very Indian! 

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