A boy playing with fire….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Perfect!  Hard to believe that we were 102+ last week while it struggled to get to 70 today.  Sunny.

Since water aerobics was canceled again for the day (too cool), I took a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. 

I honestly cannot say what I did all day!  It is scary to think how a day can go by without remembering any details….the days blur together.

In the late afternoon, George lit a campfire so that he could transfer the coals to the grill for grilling some meat up.

Why does anyone need so many grills?  We (George, that is) have four, plus the firepit!

1. This gas one is used quite often while we are in Retama.  It hooks up to the propane tank on the Airstream, and quickly does the job.  The best thing about this one is that it was free!  Someone in Retama put in out on the curb with a sign saying “gratis”  – thinking that only a poor Mexican might want it.  But George spotted it, brought it home, fixed and cleaned it, and voila! – we now have a nice gas grill!

2.  We use this little gas grill when we are on the road.  We will take just this one while we are traveling this summer.  (Notice I said “when” not “if”)  🙂 

When we are camping, our first choice of cooking out is the campground’s grill.  If they don’t offer one or if it is not very nice, we pull out this small gas grill and cook on the picnic table. It also hooks up to the Airstream’s propane tanks, so we don’t have to haul a separate propane container around.

3.  This big guy is used quite often while we are in Retama.  It doubles as a smoker…..

4.  This one is called “Little Smokie”.  I really don’t understand why we need this one, too, but George is the expert.  We use it when we want a wood-fire taste and have only a small amount of food to grill.  We use mesquite from Mexico which provides a nice taste….

In fact, Little Smokie is the one we used tonight for grilling two hamburgers for tonight’s dinner, and some fajita meat for a a future meal.

While we were grilling out, and enjoying the beautiful evening, our backdoor neighbors pulled up their lawn chairs and we had a nice happy hour together….with the fence providing additional social distancing protection…..

DINNER:  Using one of the grilled hamburger patties, I made an Italian flatbread.  You might remember that we had shrimp/asparagus flatbreads about a week ago.  Tonight I finished up the last of the flatbreads.  I topped them with a spaghetti sauce, the crumbled up hamburger, sausage, onion, green pepper, garlic, grilled cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms.  A great way to use up dibs and dabs of vegetables.  I finished them off with fresh basil from my flower pot, mozarella slices, parmesan cheese, and pizza peppers.  Delicioso!  Although not good for the waistline……

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