Gearing up for duty…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Poster-perfect day!  A cool front came in, taking the low down to 60 during the night.  The day was warm – 78  – and fresh

The Rio Grande Valley gets a lot of strong winds.  When they come in from the North, like last night, they are nice and cool.  You can see the palm trees waving in the wind and the choppy water in the pool…

The pickleball players try to get their games in in the mornings, before the wind picks up even more throughout the day.

It takes some planning when I go to my classes.  This morning, I had outdoor yoga with our instructor leading us on the computer via Zoom.  I had to get organized before the class:  yoga mat, extra towel for padding to protect from the hard concrete driveway, belt, money, and now…mask.  Check, check, check.

Some people have gone a bit overboard, in my opinion, here about the pandemic.  We heard of an incidence last week in which some nosy neighbor called the police as he thought the construction workers were standing too close to the man whose house they are building.  Geez!  We have had snoopy people come look at us doing water aerobics, to make sure we do not exceed the 10 people max.  So, bowing to peer pressure, we wore masks today as we did yoga.  It makes for a hot-air experience!

I also have to think about everything to take for water aerobics:

swimsuit (obviously)
swim shirt – to keep the sun off my neck and chest
swim shorts – to wear to  keep the noodle used in one of the classes from chafing my thighs
paddles – to be used in another class
swim gloves  – to create water resistance to hopefully improve my flabby arms
sunglasses – to wear while swimming to keep off glare
baseball hat- to provide shade to my face in the water
keys – to check mailbox next to the swimming pool (and just in case George locks me out of the house, which he has been known to do)

If I go directly from one class to another, it is so much stuff that I have to drive! 

DINNER:  I invented a Mexican casserole dish.  Tacos are just messy to eat, so I essentially converted a beef taco into a casserole:  I lined the casserole pan with slices of tortillas. I topped them with a mix I made up of shiitake mushrooms, bits of leftover ribeye steak, grilled poblano peppers, grilled bell peppers, onion, grilled tomatoes, and salsa.  I topped with Oaxaca cheese.  Pretty durn good!

The sunsets here are beautiful.  Here is one taken in our neighborhood….

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