Our beautiful winter home….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot – 88 and mostly sunny.  Rain in the evening.  Yay!

Before the day became too hot, George and I took a stroll around the neighborhood, admiring the flowers and trees in bloom. 

This is the entrance to our neighborhood.  These flowers attract butterflies.  The butterfly is the symbol of Mission, Texas.  We are on their migratory route. 

I believe this is called a Mexican olive tree.  It is very pretty right now, but drops its hard seeds (hence the olive name) on the ground making a mess for homeowners.

The man who lives in this house is an avid gardener.  He seems to be working in his yard all of the time, and his work really pays off.  He has given us some baby plants to grow – very generous. We are trying to grow this bush to climb up the fence in the back of our house. Maybe one day ours will look like this? (Doubt it)

A lady in our village posted photos of her beautiful patio where she grows lots of flowers, many in lovely Mexican pots. She is even baby-sitting some people’s flowers now that they have left for the season.

This yellow bush, which grows very fast and tall, is called an Esperanza (meaning hope in Spanish).  This bush divides our lot from the one next door, providing nice privacy.

We walked on the bike path that creates a perimeter for Retama Village.  Part of it has been designated a Monarch sanctuary.

Our plan was to re-enter the village using the construction entrance in the back.   For some reason it was locked (maybe because it was Good Friday).  Not wanting to retrace our steps, we sneaked through a hole in the fence.  Good thing Border Patrol was not watching us!

The developer has included several “green space” areas in the development.  Right now, they are lush (but smelly from a skunk!)

Our highlight today was looking forward to a restaurant dinner.  Many restaurants have devised special take-out service to maintain social distancing.  Wanting to support a local establishment, we ordered burgers from Ranch House.  They were really tasty…..and big!

There was another Julia Child special on PBS, so I was in my happy place after dinner!

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