Mud bugs, anyone?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cool in the AM with rain.  High 70.  Nice in the evening

Today’s highlight was a crawfish boil. 

First of all, is it crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, or even mud bugs?  Google to the rescue again.  I found that both words – crawfish or crayfish  – are correct, and are the same creature. Generally, crayfish is the more acceptable word, especially outside of the USA,  but crawfish is used more regionally. 

In any case, we enjoyed them this evening.  This is the time of the year when most are harvested.  Ours came from Louisiana.  When we were in Louisiana one spring, we watched the farmers gather them up.  It is a cool system……Most of the fields are  rice paddies.  After the rice is harvested, the farmers flood their fields, introduce a few crawfish into the fields, and the crawfish multiply, munching on the kernels of rice leftover from the harvest.  Brilliant!. 

When visiting Louisiana’s Bayou country a few years ago, we went to a small restaurant that specializes in crawfish.   You order by the pound, and by spice level – mild, medium, or spicy.  We chose spicy, of course.  The crawfish are dumped on your table covered with newspaper along with ears of corn and small potatoes.  Today, we copied that technique.

George stopped by HEB (with his mask on, dashing in and out) and picked up several pounds.  The little guys were still alive and itching to escape. 

Then, he got a big pot of water boiling on the gas grill.  He added the seafood boil seasoning and the screaming (not really) crawfish.  Meanwhile, I boiled up the corn and potatoes inside.  We put them all together, and then dumped them on the table outside.

They were really tasty, bigger than I remember from Louisiana.  We gave some to our Canadian neighbors to try. 

It was fun eating them.  Now that we have our crawfish fix, we are probably good again until next spring. 

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