Great Neighbors

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Rain most of the day, and unusually cool – highs in 60s

We awoke to a light rain, and it continued to rain lightly all day.  So, no swimming for me today.  It was a lazy day – mostly spent reading.

We have lovely neighbors here in Retama.  On one side of us is a standard 12 x 24 coach house.  It is used as a rental.  This season, the renters were a lovely couple from Illinois.  Lots of fun.  They have returned home now, but have already reserved the house for next year. 

On the other side of us is another deluxe coach house, like ours.  The couple built theirs about the same time ours was built.  They are from Nebraska.  They have a 5th wheeler  in which they live during the summers, back home.  While here, like us, they live in their deluxe coach house.  They have a darling, elderly dog named Sebastian.  She (Michele) has a very green thumb.  Last spring,  she planted a small bougainvillea plant (about 1 foot tall in a bucket).  When we all returned here this fall, we found that it had grown just a bit!

We like the pretty dark pink bush as it provides great shade from the west in the afternoons and it also covers our ugly water meter.   Michele was out today trimming it – a never-ending job. 

She has another bougainvillea and a star jasmine bush along the back which nicely hides their fence.  We are hoping for something like that one day

Her husband Dan is a busy woodworker.  He has quite a bit of equipment and is often outside working on some project.  He made me this beautiful wine stopper which I was quick to put to use…..

DINNER:  An utter failure. George was a good sport and said it was “interesting”.  The picture of the dish in my British vegetable cookbook was so pretty, and it sounded good.  It is called “cauliflower bhajis with cucumber raita”.  It is fried cauliflower florets coated with a batter of flour, water, and Indian spices.  Unfortunately, I ran out of flour and the florets did not get coated well.  Plus, I did not fry them long enough and they were too raw/crunchy.  The raita side dish turned out well – a yogurt sauce flavored with mint from my plant and tumeric.  We stuffed the raita into some pitas. 

TV – There was a great Rodgers and Hammerstein show, broadcasted from the Lincoln Center on PBS – The King and I. 

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