Lovin’ our Airstream

As I have noted before, our community is made up of several types of living accomodations.  Altogether, I think there are about 250 dwellings with another 50 or so lots available to build on.  Construction continues at a pretty fast pace.  On about 50% of the lots are some type of coach house – 12 x 20 or 12 x 24.  They all have RV hook-ups.  These residents live in their RVs and use the coach house as storage, or as a guest house or craft room, etc.  Another 25% of the abodes are regular houses.  These do not have RV hook-ups.  Most of these residents live here year-round.  Another portion are casitas and porthomes.  RVs are optional here.  Casitas are small homes with about 800 square feet and have RV hookups.    Porthomes are 1 or 2-bedroom slightly larger houses with huge covered ports for parking their RVs.  Then, there are just a few deluxe coach houses, like ours, that are 1-bedroom 12 x 40 “tiny houses”. This group live in a combination of our RVs and houses.  Check it all out at https://www.bentsenpalm.com

Most of the RVs here are huge motor homes or 5th-wheelers.  However, there are 7 Airstreams, of all sizes.  I took a walk to scrutinize them more carefully…..

1.  This cute little Bambi belongs to a couple retired from Indiana who live in a casita.  They used to have a big motor home, but downsized so that they can travel more easily and camp in state parks, etc.  They love their Bambi.

2.  I think this one is a 27-footer.  It belongs to a couple who live nearby in a casita.  They are currently in their northern home in Buffalo, NY

3.  This is a 27-foot Flying Cloud owned by a fellow retired Minnesotan.  This is about their 5th Airstream.  They live in a casita, too.  They often volunteer at national parks up north in the summers. 

4.  This couple just moved here from Colorado.  I think this is a 27-foot Airstream.  They are away right now, but have left their Airstream parked in their porthome driveway.

5.  This Tommy Bahama version belongs to another couple from northern Minnesota.  The Airstream is parked on a coach house lot, so they probably live mostly inside the Airstream.

6.  This one, quite long – maybe 29 feet? is parked on a coach house lot. We heard that the owners are from Alberta, Canada and are just parking it here for a few months.

7.  Then, the best one!  Ours!  (Just kidding).  Ours is a 25-foot  2018 Flying Cloud.  We are in a tiny house, also called deluxe coach house.  We live most of the time in the house, and use the Airstream as a guest room, yoga studio (haha) and TV sports-watching get-away.

After the walk around the neighborhood taking these photos, I did two hours of water aerobics.  Someone took a photo of us to ensure that we did not exceed the 10 person rule

In the afternoon, I finished up the final kitchen cupboard clean-up project. I am afraid that the next project is scrubbing the tile grout on the floor.  I am not looking forward to that – sore knees!

DINNER:  Chicken thighs with a leftover mushroom/wine sauce.  Steamed frozen vegetables in a cheese sauce.  Time to go shopping for some fresh produce! 

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