Spending the days drinking…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village.  Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and sunny.  High 95

Yes, we drink all day, and actually encourage each other to do so…..

Gotcha!  We fill up these neat-looking tequila bottles with water, chill them, and drink out of them all day long.  We each try to drink at least 2 bottles daily.  In the days BC, George loved to serve our guests, especially the teetotalers,  a big glass from the bottle.  Their eyes would bug out.  It is a good way to keep hydrated, and hopefully keeps us from drinking many calorie-ridden and/or alcoholic drinks.  George still likes his craft beers in the evening, and I like red wine with dinner. 

On a more sobering note, so to speak, our daughter who works in a hospital, tells us that there has been a spike in the number of psych cases presented due to the crisis – overdoses from alcohol and drugs, stress, and depression.

I joyfully did two water aerobics classes with 8 other ladies.  I had told the community manager that we were doing a sign-up sheet for the classes so that we would not exceed the maximum 10-person limit.  Later in the day, she sent out a community-wide email reminding residents of the pool guidelines and stated that “Karmen Reid will be maintaining a class  sign-up process”.  Wow – I didn’t volunteer to do that, but am happy to do it, if it ensures the pool’s open status.

I have shown photos of our caterpillars before on this blog.  Most of them turn into Monarch or Queen butterflies.  Sometimes,  here, we are surrounded by millions of butterflies.  BC, people would come from everywhere to look at them.  George spotted a different type of caterpillar today on our passion fruit vine.  He looked it up – Gulf frittilary.  Here is the orange spiky guy on our vine..

This is what he will turn out to look like, according to Wikipedia…

In the afternoon, I continued my cupboard cleaning project.  One more section done.

DINNER:  Corned beef hash.  I have never actually made this, only have eaten it in a diner.  I looked up the recipe – just corned beef (which we had left from St. Patrick’s Day), and potatoes.  Side was sauteed red cabbage

BOOK:  I had picked this one up at the clubhouse library BC.  “House at Riverton” by Kate Morton.  Historical fiction – somewhat like Dowtown Abbey.  A little slow.  3 stars out of 5.

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