Passion in the Reid household!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village.  Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  The cold front came and went.  High 87

“George…..Turn me on”.  “George – PLEASE turn me on”.  George – can you listen and PULEESE turn me on?”  These are my pleas about 25+ times a day.  Over and over. George doesn’t respond very much…. Now readers, get your minds out of the gutter.  Here is the scoop….

Being frugal (aka cheap), we do not have cable.  In the times BC (Before Coronavirus), we went up to the clubhouse to use their wifi.  Now that the clubhouse is shuttered, we cannot do that.  Thankfully, T-mobile, on George’s phone, is offering free data for the duration of the virus.  So, I can link my tablet to his hotspot on George’s phone – for writing the blog, surfing the internet, communicating on Facebook, and doing emails..  So, periodically every day, I have to ask him to “turn me on” so I have access to the hotspot.  Often, he isn’t listening, and I have to  beg frequently and loudly.  I thought to myself that these pleas might sound a bit provocative if someone overheard me! 

BC, I was never a big Facebook user.  However now, with a lot of free time, I find myself reading funny posts, trying to ignore political posts, and sharing newsworthy ones.

Like most households, we seem to have a lot of devices – George reads books on his Kindle..

Besides my tablet, I have a low-tech phone.  George has a smart phone and a computer.  And…..we have a lot of chargers!  I think most households have that “cluttered look” when it comes to cords. 

My day today…….

Around 9:00, while it was still cool-ish, I took a long walk to the National Butterfly Center.  Its future is still uncertain – it might be a casualty of THE WALL.  I walked briskly for one hour, and really worked up a sweat since it is very humid. 

I saw some beautiful birds – a male cardinal and a Baltimore Oriole on the walk

Back home, I decided to plunge into cleaning projects.  Today’s effort was one section of kitchen cupboards.  I even alphabetized the spice drawer!

Then, about 1:30,  I received an email notification that our pool has been re-opened.  YAY!!!!    Happy days are here again!!!  Hallelulah!  I don’t know why this was decided, and I am not arguing.  Zippadadedaa! I think it is because many residents challenged the closing decision, claiming that ours is a private pool, and doesn’t fall under the ruling of public pool closures. 

Ten minutes later, I was in the pool!

DINNER:  Chicken cacciatore..  Sides were salad and baked grits – leftover from Sunday breakfast – with an egg and cheese stirred in for goodness. 

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