Our tiny house is shrinking…..

LOCATION:  In our ever-shrinking tiny house in Retama Village, Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Another hot and sunny one.  High 98

By the time I “got up and at ’em”, it was too hot to walk.  Before Coronavirus times (BC), I ordered 3 yoga DVDs to use on our summer camping trip.  They arrived a few days ago.  How lucky!  In BC times, I had been doing chair yoga daily, and mat yoga once a week.  I was really missing it, so tried out one of the  DVDs in the Airstream today.  (We don’t have a DVD player in the house).  It was a little tight, but I managed most of the poses, managing not to hit my head on the table, or banging my knees on cupboards. 

We talked with our Ontario neighbors over the back fence.  We told them that “Over the Back Fence” is a Minnesota old-timie radio show we used to listen to  – kind of like “Prairie Home Companion”.    We kept our 6-foot distance, chatting and watching 2 grackle birds courting. 

With this lack of exercise opportunities, I am trying to be extra careful about calorie intake.  My daughter and I email each other daily with what we have consumed (food and drink) and what exercise we have completed.  It helps me not to snack during the day.  I may be a little obsessive about this, but I plan a menu weekly for both lunch and dinner, and then buy what I need at the supermarket weekly, or biweekly.  Of course in these times, I have to improvise some when items are not available.  If I don’t plan lunch especially, it is easy to just make a quick lunchmeat sandwich; but we don’t need the bread or the processed meat.  So today, I made a big chef’s salad for us, arugula topped with a hard-boiled egg, bacon bits, garbanzo beans, and cheese.  Arugula is my favorite type of salad green.  When we shopped last, this huge container was all they had, so we have been eating arugula almost daily!  A good thing is that arugula does not go bad as quickly as other greens.  I also read that arugula is supposed to help one’s auto-immune system, which is important during this crisis.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up my emails and reading.  Some people have said that their houses have never been cleaner, but somehow I cannot get motivated to clean during this isolation. 

DINNER:  Mushroom risotto made with various kinds of mushrooms – button, oyster, shiitake, and portobello.  Side was roasted Brussels sprouts.  Quite gourmet! 

BOOK: I finished “Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout. A very strange book, I thought. It seems to be a collection of stories about quirky characters in a small Maine town. Olive, the main character, is woven into several of the chapters. I read that it was an HBO series. 4 stars out of 5.

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