And so it begins…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Here we go…..102 and full sun

And so it begins…..isolation and hot, hot, hot!

Concerned that the laundry room would be the next thing to be axed, I washed every single dirty item I could find.  This involved several trips to and from the laundry room, which was good – the only exercise I got today.  (Whine here)

We passed the morning standing out on our driveway, speaking loudly to people across the street in their driveways.  The new normal, I guess.

Tonight our city starts a Shelter In Place program whereby we can only go out if we are buying essential things.  Other than the grocery store and pharmacy,  I don’t know what is considered essential.  George needed a tool, and not knowing if the hardware would be essential (open tomorrow), we took a drive there.  The traffic is pretty quiet. Nice to have an outing, even if I stayed in the truck the whole time.

Does anyone know how to launder money?  Really!  We got some cash from an ATM, but I hate to touch it, as money is filthy (even before Coronavirus). 

Our neighbors asked us if we needed anything at the supermarket, since they were going.  I have not bought toilet paper since BC (Before Coronavirus).  We had quite a lot, since I had previously bought some on sale, but now we are getting a tad low. So I asked them to pick some up for us if they saw any.  They scored!

Now, we shouldn’t have to go to the store for about 2 weeks….when the wine supply runs low…:-)

Today was mowing day in the Village.  Our HOA includes lawn service.  These guys all work really hard.  While they were at our yard, we asked them if they would cut down this ugly tree in the back.  They did it!  Now we will need to decide whether to plant a pretty bush there, or just leave it as grass

About a week ago, I posted a photo of this big, fat caterpillar happily munching on our milkweed. 

After he and his buddies stripped all of the milkweed, they apparently crawled over to our neighbor’s RV, where they have settled in  – hanging out (literally) on their stairwell”

It was beastly hot today, so I stayed in most of the day.  I can feel the pounds piling on already.  George worked some in the yard, then cooled off with the water hose.

DINNER:  A Japanese theme.  We still have some of our dishes from the years we lived in Japan.  I set the table with chopsticks, a nice chopstick holder, and a vase/cup for sake.  Appetizer was hiyayako – small cubes of chilled tofu with a soy sauce/mirin/sake marinade.  Topped with scallion slivers.  Main was an ahi tuna steak with Asian vegetables.  Side was sunomono (translated as “pickled food”).  I cut paper thin cucumber slices which had marinated in that same sauce.  As they say in Japan….Oishikata! 

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