Venturing out…..

LOCATION:  Inside (literally) our tiny house in Retama Village in Mission, TX
WEATHER:  Pleasant.  High 73.  Sunny

We enjoyed our Sunday ritual of watching “CBS Sunday Morning”, although for the most part it was depressing as is most news.  They did an interesting story on why some people get so freaked out during times like this – like fighting over supplies in a supermarket, hoarding, and watching the news 24/7.

It was a good morning – still cool – to make vegetable broth. Every day while I am cooking, I put the veg peelings, parsley stems, etc in a plastic bag in the freezer. Sometimes I toss in chicken bones and skin. Then I boil all the veg down for vegetable and/or chicken broth. I have lots of containers of the broth now in the freezer.

We worked on our bushes and flowers that are almost at their peak.  We are tempted to kill these caterpillars as they are stripping some of our plants, but we know that they will become beautiful butterflies soon. This is the Texas milkweed plant, nothing like the ones with the same name in the Midwest.

We prepped for a shopping trip, our regular weekly one (NOT hoarding!!!)  We decided to go to Sprouts, a small specialty chain like a small Whole Foods, thinking it might be less crazy.  Indeed, it wasn’t too crowded, but they were out of a lot of staples.  The meat selection was totally empty, as were the egg and milk shelves.  We were not too impacted as we were buying more unusual foods – almond milk, bulgar wheat, olives, baguettes, and lots of fruits and veg.

The main reason we went shopping was to buy things for a get together with a couple from Retama who will be on the cruise around Greece that we are hopefully making this October.  It was somewhat accidental – we hadn’t planned to travel together, but while chatting one day, we realized that both couples are booked on the same cruise.

We kept our social distance when they came over, planning ship excursions while munching on feta cheese, goat cheese, Greek olives, and pita bits.  Nice!

DINNER:  Not able to buy any regular beef while shopping today, I picked up a package of corned beef, probably left over from St. Patrick’s Day.  So, I improvised and made corned beef sandwiches with sauteed red cabbage. 

BOOK:  “Pardonable Lies” by Jacqueline Winspear.  Part of a series about a female detective in post-war London.  4 stars out of 5

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