Fun in isolation…..not so much

LOCATION:  Cooped up in our tiny house in Retama Village in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  A big change….Cool (high in 60s) and light rain

What a difference a day makes…..Yesterday was unusually hot – about 98 and today we won’t hit 70.  Since swimming is not in the cards today, I did a one-hour hike around the sugar cane fields.  I didn’t see anyone else during the walk.  Line-dancing is done for the year, due to closures of the clubhouse, so I really felt a need to exercise.

We had a l-o-n-g day of not doing too much.  George kept busy “piddling” in the shed, organizing his tools, etc.  I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up old files and photos on my new computer tablet.  Yawn, yawn.  Thank goodness for a good book!

We did some yard work.  The flowers are really looking good, and they are happy with the rain – the first we have had in 3 months.

We went to the community wood-working shop (we were the only ones there) and gathered 3 big bins of wood scraps which we will hopefully use this summer for kindling when we camp out. Some of the scraps are cedar which smells so good.   Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will be traveling!

Our new oleander plants, planted to hide the ugly utility box and fence, are doing well.

George got so bored that he trimmed the neighbor’s bushes, so we would have a nicer view.  An ugly bush was crowding out a pretty yellow bush.  Hope the neighbors won’t mind, once they return! 

In the evening, we made a fire in our firepit and enjoyed the fresh air.  Our neighbors from Ontario came over, practicing social distancing – we sat far apart and in a cloud of smoke.

As I have said before, our area, called the Rio Grande Valley – red counties on Texas map below – has been fairly isolated from the virus.  We are probably a week behind the rest of the country.  We heard that we now have our first case in the RGV. 

DINNER: Grilled chicken thighs with a side of broccoli with a cheese sauce.

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