Life with Coronavirus

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very hot – 98 and humid

We took our daughter to Harlingen airport, about 35 miles from here, for her flight back to Minnesota.  It was so nice having her, even though it was a short 3-day visit. 

When she and I walked around our village, she was fascinated by the golf carts that some people use to drive around.  This one is especially cute….

It is getting quieter and quieter here.  Most Winter Texans leave our area, the Rio Grande Valley, at the end of March.  This year, many are leaving sooner, as they don’t want to get stuck here.  However, our neighbor, on their way to Illinois, spent one night in a crowded storm shelter due to a hurricane in Oklahoma.  Nowhere seems to be safe.  Here is our street, normally full of people, but now eerily empty.

Alexis was also intrigued by our beautiful sunsets and night sky, and took this photo of her last night here.

A bit of a rant here……Some blog readers have scolded me for seemingly not paying enough attention to the Coronavirus.  I just have to say that indeed we are cautious, but I just prefer not to write about it all of the time, as all of us hear enough about it already!  We keep our distance – 4 swimmers, each in our own corner of the huge swimming pool as we do water aerobics.  Or, 4 line dancers spread far apart in an all-purpose room.  When we went out to eat with Alexis, we were the only diners in a big patio area.  I think those actions are safer than those of people who crowd in long lines at Costco and Walmart to do their hoarding.  So far, we haven’t had any cases in our area, and the population decreases each day as people head north.   End of rant.

3/20 update…..Our community just closed down the gym, clubhouse, and all-purpose room.  Texas is closing all restaurants.  So, life will get even quieter.  Thank heavens for books to read!  (online of course, since that is our only option)

We hope to leave here at the end of April for our long, summer road trip, but now will just wait and see what the situation is.  We don’t want to stay here for the summer with temps at 110+. 

DINNER:  Now that Alexis is gone, it is back to leftovers.  Tonight I made a spaghetti sauce with onion, leftover hamburger meat, garlic, carrots, and mushrooms.  Served over cheese-filled ravioli.  Side was a salad full of fresh basil from my nice-looking basil plant. 

2 thoughts on “Life with Coronavirus

  1. Jean

    COVID 19 is indeed serious. However we all need respite from the craziness going on in the world. Thankful for you and the blog you write…a welcome ray of sunshine when we need it most!!!


  2. Keith

    Maybe time to head for Rochester with all that great medical care. At least you can travel and not worry about closed hotels. You’ve got your own accommodations behind your truck!


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