Good times with our visiting daughter

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and humid

Another busy day in our clubhouse!  First I did my daily chair yoga.  It is such a nice way to stretch.  We even get some cardio built into the routines.  Usually on Wednesdays, a trained yoga instructor from a yoga studio comes to teach a floor class.  Since she was away on spring break this week, our daughter Alexis stepped in to sub for her.  She did a great job!

Then, we went out for lunch at our favorite restaurant in the valley – Lorettos. 

We enjoyed a nice lunch out on their patio, complying with Coronavirus social distancing….as we were the only customers eating outside.

Back in Retama,  Alexis finished up helping me set up my new tablet.  So much work!  She and George relaxed afterwards – with 2 kinds of pool!  🙂 

DINNER:  Mushroom risotto (vegan for Alexis) and a parmesan-topped version for us.  Very tasty! 

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