Life is not as we know it!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Hot again and humid.

It almost seems like the end of the world….everything cancelling, people here leaving for the North, as they are afraid they will “get stuck” here. So much fear, especially exacerbated by the media. And of course, politics has to squeeze itself into the foray. I don’t even want to mention the stock market!!!!! 😦

We went to our local supermarket to do our regular shopping today. We had heard horror stories of a crammed parking lot, scarce items, long lines, and rude people pushing others out of line. This was not our experience. The store wasn’t all that crowded….because there was hardly anything left!!! Aisle after aisle was empty. Not just the toilet paper. In the produce section, oddly certain things were still available, and others not. For example, I needed a stick of ginger, and it was sold out. Why? All of the canned goods were gone. Dried goods such as pasta, ramen, rice, and dried beans…..all gone. Of course, water and juices gone. The meat section was getting scarce, although you could still buy hog heads, although limited to 2!

Happily, most of the things on my list were still available — beer, wine, fruit, coffee, and vegan products for our daughter who is coming to visit us.

Frozen goods were almost all gone. Where do people store all this food???

On our way home, we saw this rattle snake on the road. People have found snakes in our village, too. That time of year, I think…

In the evening, we drove over to Harlingen, about 40 miles from here, to pick up one of our daughters visiting us for a few days. She was on a direct flight from Minneapolis. So convenient. She said the MSP airport was busy and that the flight was almost full — seemingly normal.

DINNER: I am trying to be gourmet and found a great cookbook focusing on vegetables. I made a pea and watercress pesto and served it over pasta.

BOOK: “Orphan Train” by Kristina Baker Kline. I had read it previously, but read it again to prepare for this week’s Book Club meeting. A historical novel, based on the real stories of children sent to the Midwest in the 1920s or so. 5 stars out of 5.

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