A new career as a realtor? ……not!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Mostly cloudy but very pleasant- 78 high

We are keeping busy, and I try to stay active. Our morning routine is to have a cup of coffee, then I go to chair yoga class while George goes to the gym. When we come back, we have our breakfast. Then, depending on the day, I either go to line dancing class, photography club meeting, or do things around the house. Water aerobics is daily at noon, followed by lunch. Afternoons are usually spent in the clubhouse doing stuff (aka wasting time) on the internet. Home for happy hour, maybe around the fire pit. Reading, gardening, and walking take up the rest of the time.

Today (Sunday), we played at being realtors. The realtor who handles all the resales in Retama Village was having a community-wide open house day, and asked for volunteers to sit in the houses. I was assigned to a “deluxe coach house” – which is what we have — 480 square feet. There is only one available right now. Others have sold pretty quickly. It was fun showing people the house and answering their questions.

George had a “regular” coach house with 288 square feet. These are not meant for living in. People with these coach houses live in their RVs and use the coach houses as a TV room, craft room, laundry room, and/or guest bedroom. There are several of these available in the community.

New construction is selling like wildfire. This is the latest deluxe coach house that was just built and sold.

Casitas, slightly larger at 640 square feet and also with RV hookups, are also very popular. One is available for resale. Several new ones are under construction and are already sold.

All of the “regular” homes are sold. This one is almost completed.

We really like this community. Even though it is 55+. it seems very young. Check it out at…

Retama Village info link

DINNER: I made a cassoulet, a French bean/chicken/sausage casserole very popular in southern France. I am hosting a cassoulet party in early April for the 3 other couples that are going on the canal trip in south France with us. Tonight was a trial run. Let me know if you would like my recipe (compliments of my brother) 🙂

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