Fun Leap Day Party!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Summertime! Sun and high 85

After 2.5 hours of line-dancing and an hour of water aerobics, I needed to relax! But, no time for that today…..

Our neighborhood put on a Leap Year Party in the afternoon. We met at the clubhouse patio, divided into teams, received our clues, and went on geo-caching (like a treasure hunt), speeding – sometimes recklessly on golf carts. What fun!

This was the winning team…

Our team came in a close 2nd….

We jokingly claimed that we should have come in first, as the winning team included some young adults (visiting children) who could run faster than we 55+ year olds could manage!

After the hunt, we ate hobo stew. Many of the residents dressed up as hobos, as that was the theme. The stew was made in a big pot with cans of soup donated by all of us.

It turned out surprisingly well!

Some people made s’mores on gas-powered firepits.

Back home, we enjoyed a passion fruit gin and tonic – like the ones we made in South Africa a few weeks ago. There, we ate them fresh off the tree – 4 or 5 per day! Here, we have had a hard time finding them, but were successful at a fruit/veg shop. We will plant the seeds which hopefully will grow as a vine along our fence.

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