More wood-working successes

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 80

George has been a busy boy again in the woodworking shop. We had seen these shower floors at an Airstream rally, and George decided to make a set himself.

Here they are inside the shower inside our Airstream trailer. We use the shower as our wine cellar and laundry bin. This will keep the bottom of the shower safe and clean..

Not in jail – just showing the flooring….

Not having anything else on our Sunday afternoon’s agenda, we went to the Mission Event Center to Artesano Days. Several artists were selling their wares – mostly Mexican clothing and jewelery. Very nice (but we didn’t buy anything!)

I even cosied up to this Mexican guapo….

George BBQ’d a big package of chicken thighs we bought on sale. I used some for tonight’s dinner, and froze the rest. They will come in handy for future recipes.

DINNER: Green chile stew. I picked up this recipe from our supermarket’s tasting area one day. I don’t know whether the base (photo below) is widely available or not – perhaps only in Latino markets. To that base, I added meat from the chicken thighs, cooked bacon and sausage, then half cans of corn, mixed vegetables, and black beans. Right before serving, I added a bit of cream. It was very tasty and easy.

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