More fun in south Texas

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Overcast but warm – 80

I was naughty and returned to the shop where we bought our clothes for the recent fashion show. This time, I was successful in buying a swimsuit and a pair of shorts – not easy as the main retail stores say that since it is “winter”, they do not stock these items this time of year. !!!

George has been busy at the woodworking shop. He took out the table that came with the Airstream – a plain, laminated-top table, and replaced it with a nice piece of wood that he cut, glued together, and stained. It looks so much nicer. It is also a bit narrower and shorter, so it will be easier for our taller guests to get in and out of the dining room seats.

Here is the Before….

And the After……

I am trying to accessorize a bit with teal highlights, so here is the table – set for dinner!

We signed up for an RV rally in southern Louisiana for April – a Cajun Fest. It sounds like it will be fun – Cajun food and entertainment. Several couples from Retama are going.

We had dinner with the couples that are going on the barge trip in France. We enjoyed a Moroccon dinner, as one couple just returned from there. We watched slide shows of their Morocco trip as well as a show of the canal trip that one couple did about 10 years ago – to acquaint us with how the boat works, etc.

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