Making travel plans

LOCATION: In our “tiny house” in Retama Village in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Really nice.. Sunny High 75

We continue to enjoy our life in Retama Village, home of about 250 households – RV coach houses, porthomes, single-family homes, and tiny houses like ours. I keep busy with exercise and community events. Yesterday, I was feeling virtuous after 3 hours of line-dancing classes followed by an hour of water aerobics. All of that “goodness” was wiped away at a community wine & cheese event in the evening. There are lots of fun things coming up – Mardi Gras party, Leap Year parade, street parties, and book club meetings.

Today I am using the clubhouse’s wifi (we are too cheap to buy it for the tiny house as we are not here that many months), to do some summer trip planning. I just love to plan!

We will tentatively leave here in mid-May. First stop is Big Bend National Park. We want to visit the park again, and also this helps us create a route that avoids big cities like Dallas and Houston, as we leave Texas. Then, on to Minnesota where we used to live. Then, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, a beautiful part of the country. From there, we will head east following a route suggested by our friends Tony and Jenny from Nova Scotia. The route will take us through scenic Ontario. Continuing east, we will stay in northern Vermont for the 4th of July week, and hopefully do some Harvest Host camping in Vermont and Maine. Then, on to Acadia National Park where we already have reservations. Then, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We were there once before, but it was a whirlwind trip and this time we would like to explore more slowly. We will then meet up with Tony and Jenny at their home in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. For the following 6 weeks or so, we will travel with them to PEI (maybe), Quebec, and Labrador. It will be a long trip! We go our separate ways in Quebec, they – back to Nova Scotia, and we -skidaddle back to Mission, Texas.

This puts us back in Mission in mid-to late- September. Almost immediately, we head to France where we are doing a 14-day canal trip on the Canal du Midi. Three other couples from Retama Village and we are renting a boat and doing the trip on our own. It sounds like a fun adventure…

After a week of travel (not sure where), we will make our way to Athens where we will depart on a 14-day cruise around the Mediterranean – visiting Greece, Cypress, Turkey, and Israel, finishing up back in Athens.

Nothing definite has been scheduled yet for after the Mediterrean cruise. I have applied to a housesitting assignment through for northern Spain for November and December, but don’t know if we will be selected or not.

I will post again when we have fun things to report. Thanks for following this blog!

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