The Wall

LOCATION: At our tiny house in Retama Village, Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Another “Chamber of Commerce” Day, as they say. Sunny. High 76

Today’s outing was a pontoon boat ride on the Rio Grande. We embarked in a cove about 1 mile from our house.

We went up the river about 5 miles, seeing interesting birds, landscape, parks, and luxury homes (on the Mexico side). We saw several pieces of rafts that illegal immigrants had used trying to get across the river. This building is used by illegals on the Mexican side to spot for Border Control. If the coast is clear, they leave from that building, swim or raft across the river, climb up the bank on the US side, to the arms of the Border Patrol

There were several Border Patrol and Texas High Patrol (with machine guns) patrolling the river.

Then, we went down the river another 5 miles, where we cruised by the private wall. In about 6 weeks, this 3.6 mile stretch has been built. Working 24/7, the wall is funded by private donors and is being built on a farmer’s private land.

It is pretty jaw-dropping, and obviously VERY controversial.

This is the season for harvesting sugar cane. After the cane is cut, farmers burn the fields to burn off the unwanted pieces. We passed a lot of fires and cruised through a lot of icky smoke.

We stopped at a state park (on the Texas side) to stretch our legs.

Back home, we relaxed at the pool. Nancy is loving the weather and sunshine

DINNER: George grilled some rotisserie chicken. Sides were tater tots and broccoli. We enjoyed a bonfire while the food was cooking.

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