Life in Retama Village

LOCATION: At our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Really pleasant. Most days’ highs are 70-80

Life in Retama Village is going well. I keep busy with yoga, line-dancing, and water aerobics.. When the weather is cool (defined as 70 degrees), not too many swim. It is usually just those of us from Minnesota. 🙂 Here is our class doing chair yoga

We have neighborhood get-togethers. One fun event was a Mexican potluck. My contribution was a Mexican pizza. Pretty tasty.

George is doing a project in the woodworking shop, making a table for the Airstream to replace the one that came with the trailer. Hopefully, it will look nicer, and will be a better size to accomodate guests.

We have been inviting neighbors over for several happy hour get-togethers. Last night was a discussion about South Africa – one other couple was there 2 years ago and one is going in a few months. A fun evening. Sometimes we make a fire in the firepit.

It is citrus season now. These big trucks full of grapefruit are lining up at the juice factory. It smells heavenly when we drive by. George picks up some of the fruit on the ground, and put the grapefruit halves out in a tree in our backyard to attract birds.

DINNERS: I have been experimenting with different recipes. Recently, since it was a cool night, I made a sausage/cannellini beans/vegetable soup. Great recipe.

BOOKS: We attended a Retama Village bookclub meeting this week, and had a good discussion. I got volunteered to lead next month’s meeting, for the book “Where the Crawdads Sing”.

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