Back after 3-month sojourn!

LOCATION: NYC – Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Mild and humid. High 75

After a poor night’s sleep in Jamaica (New York unpleasant suburb) due to outside noise and our body clocks on the wrong time zone, we got up super early to catch our flight from JFK to Austin, Texas. The airport was an absolute zoo. The line just for security was 50 minutes. So many people, many of them quite pushy!

Then on to Austin. Wow – what a trip….

Johannesburg to Dubai, UAE – 8 hours
Dubai to Copenhagen – 10 hours
Copenhagen to Barcelona – 3 hours
Barcelona to New York City – 9 hours
NYC to Austin 4.5 hours
Then, a 5+ hour drive from Austin to Mission. We are glad we split up the trip!

Plus many hours waiting in security lines, passport control, to/from airport rides, and lots of waiting for flights. But, not complaining, we love to travel!

Everything is good here. It is nice to be able to leave the house, yard, and Airstream to know that all will be safe upon our return.

We are happy to see our tiny house and Airstream again.

DINNER: Tacos and margaritas, to get us back in the Texas spirit! 🙂

BOOK: “To Dwell in Darkness” by Deborah Crombie. 2nd of her books that I have read – another British detective series. Pretty good. 4 stars out of 5.

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