Spectacular Dubai!

WEATHER: Sunny. High 80. Beautiful

We arrived at our hotel at 6:00 AM, but they were kind enough to let us check in to take a nap. By mid-morning, refreshed a bit, we took off to start our Dubai exploration.

We took a cab (cheap here) to the Dubai Mall, the largest in the world There, we found the Hop-On/Off Bus and signed up for tomorrow. Normally I do not like malls, but this one is spectacular. The quality of the stores is amazing -mostly all high-end. We went through one section that is entirely jewelry; another one that is children’s designer clothes, etc. . The burqa-clad women were doing a lot of shopping.

Chanel even had a line in front of the shop, waiting to get in. Lots of money here!

The women are so interesting in their variety of traditional clothing. Some are covered from head to toe (toe is usually some type of incongruous Nike tennis shoe) and others only wear the gown, but have their heads/hair free. Others have something in between. All are wearing beautiful make-up. We wached the ones with the face covers eat….they carefully lift up the cloth to put food in their mouths.

The tallest building in the world is connected to the mall. We checked it out to see about taking the elevator up the 165 floors. There were long lines (Chinese tourists) and tickets were expensive, so we opted to just look at it from outside.

This fantastic hotel/office complex/condo has two high buildings connected by a swimming pool at the top

We found another landmark, the Dubai Fountain, next to one side of the mall. It is surrounded by restaurants. The fountain show goes off every 30 minutes. It is beautiful, with very nice accompanying orchestra music.

A Lebanese restaurant next to the fountain was our pick for lunch. We had interesting dishes while watching the fountain shows….and people.

Dubai seems very, very prosperous. Lots of construction going on and skyscrapers everywhere

We continued strolling around the mall – iceskating rink, aquarium, movie theatre – all in addition to the thousands of shops.

By 5:00, exhausted and foot-weary, we found (with a bit of difficulty) a bar with alcohol. It was in a very posh hotel surrounding the lake. I think the only places that serve drinks are those associated with resorts. We sat on their patio next to the lake and enjoyed the fountain show by night.

DINNER: We grabbed a sandwich from the mini-store in our hotel and went to bed early.

Dubai is pretty cool!

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