On to Dubai!

LOCATION: 8+ hour flight Johannesburg to Dubai
WEATHER: Johannesburg pleasant. Dubai – 68 (at 6:00 AM)

It was a slow day in Johannesburg. We stayed around the house and got packed (packing took about 5 minutes). 🙂 The maid came. She hadn’t come when the homeowners were away, but Monday is her regular day here. Having a maid around always makes me uncomfortable. We had left our breakfast dishes out for her to wash. I felt guilty just sitting around while she toiled away. I did sneak into the kitchen to wash up our lunch dishes when she wasn’t looking.

We took a 20-minute Uber ride to the airport. Check-in was easy. We found a nice lounge to hang out in to wait for the flight.

We flew Emirites – a huge double-decker air bus

It was pretty nice, and with aisle seats we were able to stretch a bit.

We arrived in Dubai at 5:30 AM (3:30 AM our body time). The Dubai airport is ultra-modern.

After a quick cab ride, we arrived at our hotel, central in the city, we think. They let us check in early so we napped a bit. Anxious to explore this city!

BOOK: “How to Sleep with a Movie Star”. A new author for me – Kristen Harmel – recommended by my traveling buddy Jenny. Kind of a cute, love story; the author writes cleverly. 4 stars out of 5

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