Winding down in Johannesburg

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Seems like a trend…..Sunny in AM; Showers in PM

Today is our last day alone housesitting, as the homeowners return tomorrow. Hard to believe that 3+ weeks have flown by!

We took the dogs for a walk in the dog park. Here they are, anxiously awaiting the trip in the car. They get so excited – what’s not to love???…..a place to run, other dogs to play with, and treats from Mommie Karmen.

In the PM we went to a brewpub called Mad Giant. It is in the dodgey part of downtown. It is kind of a mecca among derelict buildings, huge piles of trash, and lots of begging, homeless people. Not to fear….the police station is right next door. It has seen better days…

We had a beer in the brewpub. It is “modern warehouse” decor. I had an IPA; George a lager. It is also a tapas bar with foods sourced within a few kilometers of Johannesburg. We watched people ordering huge amounts of food.

Back home, we watched the storm roll in. Annakin the dog crawled in to the closet to hide. It even hailed a bit.

DINNER: Asian stir-fried chicken and veg. The homeowners have a really good wok and a special burner on the stove for doing stir-fries. I threw in most of our remaining veg, some chicken breast meat, and noodles. Oishikata!

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