Ending 2019 with passion!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Cloudy but nice. High 73

The weather forecast was for sun, so I did laundry. As usual (around the world), the weatherman got it wrong. The laundry just took a bit longer to dry…

George is doing a yeoman’s job eating up all of our food before we go. Today, I made a big chef’s salad for lunch using up proscuitto, smoked turkey, cheese, lettuce, and home-made croutons (from bread going stale). He made us a smoothie out of mango, banana, and passion fruit.

After lunch and a rest, we walked down to the pizza place we like, just for a drink. We sat on the patio and talked with the Afrikans manager. She knows our homeowners.

Then, to the dog park for a romp. We are really getting to know our way to and from the park quite well. There is one unpleasant intersection we have to pass through. People are begging, rubbing their stomachs to look hungry; the same lady everyday selling trinkets; a guy who washes your windshield even if you don’t want it washed; and an enterprising guy giving away condoms but expecting a tip. Today there was a funny one – a guy carrying a sign saying (in some African language) – “Please give me money for a beer.” At least he is honest!

Back home, hot after the walk, I thought I would try a new drink and sat on the patio. We have lots of mint growing in the garden and the passion fruits plop off the tree on a regular basis.

We can’t keep up with all the passion fruit!

So, I made a gin and tonic with mint and passion fruit. It was quite tasty.

DINNER: Good ole’ American hamburgers – with parmesan cheese baked on top. Yum!

BOOK Another in the Botswana detective series by Alexander McCall Smith – “The Full Cupboard of Life”. Very comforting. 4 stars out of 5

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