Chillin’ in South Africa

LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Light rain all day. High 63

After being spoiled by sun and warmth every day, we had a not-so-nice day weather-wise today. We made the best of it relaxing in the house. I read an entire book (again) and George did a marathon on Netflix.

I think we bought way too much food the last time we went grocery shopping and now I am trying to figure out how to eat it all up in our remaining week. The dogs may benefit with some hamburgers and scraps of meat, as the homeowners are vegetarians.

In the afternoon, it was too muddy to take the dogs to the dog park, so we walked them around the neighorhood. It is not very enjoyable as ferocious dogs bark behind gates at each house. Our dogs don’t like the barking, and BInks lunges from time to time. We do, however, like to see the different architecture of the houses and the flowers.

Back home, we got a fire going in the firepit/braii (BBQ) pit area. It reminded us of camping – we miss it!

DINNER: One of our purchasing mistakes. Instead of 2 small pork chops, we picked up a big pork roast at the grocery. We baked it and drizzled it with a balsamic vinegar sauce. Quite tasty, but TOO MUCH FOOD! Side was sauteed zucchini strips (called marrow here), green onions, and mushrooms.

Our highpoint of the day was Skyping with our daughter in the evening. So good to hear her voice! With an 8-hour time zone difference, it is hard to find a good time to do this.

BOOK: “Final Account” by Peter Robinson. This is part of the British detective series I read from time to time. I enjoy it because it takes place in North Yorkshire, where we had a lovely housesit.

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