Perfect weather in Johannesburg

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny, and perfect temps – around 75 high

It was a very lazy day. I finished another book and George watched Netflx, with the dogs napping nearby.

I read a post from a friend in Retama Village, the community we live in part of the year in Texas, in which he said he has lined up his campground stay for the 4th of July weekend. That made me realize that I needed to get on the stick and get something reserved, too. Campgrounds fill up quickly on those holiday weekends. So, I worked a bit more on our summer camping route and reserved 4 nights around July 4 in an RV park in Vermont. I hate that we have to plan so far in advance! Later, I will start working on booking weekend stays, but I think we will play it by ear during the weekdays.

In the late PM, we loaded up the dogs in the jeep and drove to the dog park, about 4 miles away. They just love running around. Most dogs are not on leads and they play together nicely. Binks, our huge Ridgeback, jumps into every stream and pond in the park. We have to watch him closely, as he likes to raid people’s picnics on the grass. After a good walk, for both the dogs and for us, we returned home for sundowners, as they say in South Africa.

We enjoyed the beautiful evening near the pool while George fired up the brai (grill).

DINNER: Grilled chicken, the last of the leftover Christmas dinner sweet potatoes, and spinach salad.

BOOK: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Travels in South Africa” by journalist Gavin Bell. He writes about his observations of post-apartheid South Africa, interviewing blacks, whites, and coloreds on his route. 4 stars out of 5. His writing reminds me of Bill Bryson, one of my favoriite travel writers.

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