Ups and Downs (down today) of housesitting

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Rain during the night made it much cooler. Most sunny (although weather prediction was 90% rain). High 68

We spent the morning booking flights and hotels for our return trip. It isn’t easy! If we booked a flight all the way, it would be at least 35 hours on planes and in layovers! So, we broke up the trip with hotel stays in between legs. Here is our plan…

January 6 – Johannesburg to Dubai – about 10 hours
Two nights in Dubai
January 8 – Dubai to Barcelona – about 8 hours
Two nights in Barcelona
January 11 – Barcelona to New York City – about 9 hours
Overnight in NYC as we will miss connnecting flight
January 12 – NYC to Austin, TX – 4 hours
January 12 – Rental car back to Mission – 6 hours

It will be kind of fun to check out Dubai. I have been to Barcelona before, but it was a long time ago, and it will be nice to see it again.

George did some yard work. He loves to trim- I just hope the homeowners will be happy with his work, as I think he got a little carried away.

We took the dogs to the park near here, not the one we have to drive to. Binks is a Ridgeback/Great Dane and is huge. He must weigh about 175 pounds, but normallly he is quite gentle. On our way to the park, I got distracted, watching a tuk-tuk go by. Suddenly Binks lurched to growl at a dog behind someone’s gate. He pulled me down and dragged me , still holding onto the leash, across the street with him. I got all scraped up and bruised. A car passed us and kindly stopped to make sure I was alright.

Back home, we had a restorative drink by the pool. I think I will live…

DINNER: Lentil curry over rice. I used some of the spices I bought at the market yesterday. I think it turned out really well. Delicious and easy.

BOOK: I finished another one of the Alexander McCall Smith books about the Botswana lady detective – “Kalahari School of Typing for Men”. Light and fast-reading. 4 stars out of 5

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