Stormy Sunday in Johannesburg

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Pleasant in AM; Thunderstorms in the PM. High 73

Today’s outing was to a Sunday Market we had seen advertised. It was a combination of arts & crafts, as well as food stalls, children’s play area, and food court.

The first thing we spotted was an Indian stall selling bulk spices in small packages. Just what we need for some of the recipes I have lined up, including some for Christmas dinner. This will be so much better than buying whole jars, as I don’t need so much.

I was a bit tempted to buy some of the cool artwork and craft items, but we just don’t have room in our backpacks for carrying more, and we don’t have any place to display stuff in our tiny house or Airstream. So, I did not succumb.

We bought a huge, smoked turkey leg that we will warm up for Christmas dinner, from a stall featuring smoked meats. We also bought a fruit cake from the Lions Club fundraiser booth. Trying to do some traditional things for Christmas.

We found the food court, relaxed with a craft IPA, and watched some of the entertainment.

We chose some Indian food for lunch among many ethnic food options

Then, to Woolworths to buy some regular groceries. Woolworths is a combination of USA’s Target and the UK’s Marks and Spencers food stores. I don’t know if it is in any way related to the Woolworth dime stores we used to have in the USA. We bought just a few things as we will stock up tomorrow for Christmas.

Back home, we worked on our trip back home. We have been on a wait list for a cruise from London to Fort Lauderdale, but that doesn’t look like it is going to work. So, we will bite the bullet and fly all the way home.

I had just entered lots of information on a booking of flight and hotel to Dubai, when the electricity went out, and with it, of course, wifi. Poof! All gone. George had been on Skype hold for 30 minutes to talk with our bank. Just when he finally got an agent, he lost connection due to the outage. (Curse words here!) The electricity goes out quite often here.

Since we couldn’t do anything, we decided it was a good time to take the dogs to the dog park. We walked around a bit, and then the heavens opened up and we got drenched.

Home again, the electricity still hadn’t returned. I decided to get dinner going while it was still a bit light. (We have a gas stove). Just as I was setting the table for a romantic, candlelight dinner, the lights came back on!

DINNER: Shrimp ‘n Grits – in honor of housesitting friends that will be housesitting in Charleston, South Carolina soon, home of many good restaurants featuring this dish. I found polenta here, not grits, but it is close enough. I made the grits using broth from the shrimp shells. I sauteed red pepper, onions, garlic, and shrimp and served with the grits. Side was salad including fresh basil and parsley I picked from the garden. We are getting spoiled with these herbs.

BOOK: I normally read e-books on my tablet. Concerned about electricity and not wanting my computer battery to die without the ability to recharge it, I selected one of the homeowner’s books. “The Golden Egg” by Donna Leon is a series featuring a detective in Venice. I liked it as it brings memories of Venice’s food and vibe. 4 stars out of 5.

After dinner, we watched a good Netflix movie – “The Irishman”. Great acting

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