Quiet days in Johannesburg

LOCATION: Housesitting in Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Quite pleasant. Yesterday a bit hot – 90

We have established a nice routine. Mornings are spent on computer and reading (Karmen) and TV (George) while the dogs lounge, and follow us around.

We use Uber to go out and about. Most rides are about $4. Today we took an Uber to the Craft Beer Library, a cute little restaurant/pub not far away. It has the largest selection of beers that we have seen so far in Africa. We had a nice lunch of sausages and pretzels

In the afternoons, we take the dogs for a walk which they LOVE. We rotate between a large dog park and a neighborhood park. We drive the owners’ jeep to the large dog park. (The drive there is always breathtaking!) The dogs especially like it when there are lots of other dogs around to play with. Most are off leash and they frolic around..

Then, the best part of the day…..sundowners, as they call happy hour here. We sit around the pool and enjoy the birds, fish in the pool, and cool breeze.

Tonight we made gin and tonics with fresh passion fruit, right off the vine. A new favorite!

The passion fruits are just now ripening. Every day we pick 3 or 4. We just cut in half and scoop out the fruit. It tastes tropical to me. There are hundreds on the vines. As we were sitting outside, one fell off the tree and plopped on our dog’s nose!

DINNER: The last of the chicken thighs – one wrapped in bacon (for bacon-lover George). Side was broccoli and cheese. Last night was stuffed mushrooms. George grilled the mushroom caps, and I filled them with a mushroom/rice blend. Salad on the side with fresh basil from the garden.

BOOKS: “Malice in the Palace” by Rhys Bowen. One of a series I read off and on.. A detective story about a British royal who gets herself in mischief. 4 stars out of 5

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