We have now seen the Big Five!

LOCATION: Pretorius Lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa
WEATHER: Very nice. High 78

We awoke at 4:00 when the sun began to rise and when we heard this little guy knocking at our door…

They are actually a bit of a pest here. One nipped at my ankles. They come begging for food.

Our guide picked us at 7:00 for our morning drive. We drove around looking at many more animals until we stopped at another lodge for breakfast. We are glad we are not there – a real madhouse full of people. They have a sign showing where people have spotted various animals. There is a special note that says not to post rhino sightings, as the poachers have caught on to that.

I am proud to announce that I (not George or the guide) spotted a leopard sitting under a tree near the road. I shouted “Leopard”, the driver screeched to a stop, and backed up for us to watch. The leopard sat there for awhile, then strolled down a path, crossed the road quite relaxed, and then pooped!

We stopped at this cluster of rocks high up and watched the impala running around below. George and our guide…

Impala are everywhere. Eventually they become rather ho-hum.

Our guide spotted a rhino for us. It was a little far away, but still we can say we saw one, actually 3. People come to Africa for the “Big Five”. They are: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. They were the 5 animals that hunters used to try for. Happily today, they are the big 5 that people want to shoot….with their cameras, only. With today’s rhino, we have seen all the Big Five, between the Botswana Okavanga Delta and Kruger.

Back at our lodge, we went to the shop and bought food to cook on the braai (BBQ) tonight. We rested for a bit, then got ready for our afternoon game drive.

This is the last game drive we will be doing. We will miss the animals! On this ride, we saw many of the common animals – giraffes, elephants, buffalo, wildebeest, impala, kudu, cheetah, and some new little ones – dwarf mangoose and tortoise.

By the time we returned, it was dark – 8:00. George got a fire going on the braii with dead tree branches we had collected (shades of camping).

DINNER: Steak, chops, and sausage – a package of meat we bought for $3, plus grilled onions and tomatoes. Curried green beans on the side. We sat outside and enjoyed a nice meal with a South African shiraz.

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