Vultures, Sunsets, Drumming, and…..Worm-eating!

LOCATION: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
WEATHER: Overcast. Light rain (much needed). High 80

We are staying at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge- highly recommend to anyone visiting here. The town of Victoria Falls doesn’t offer too much, and it is tiresome to walk through the many vendors pedaling their wares. So, we decided to hang out here and enjoy the hotel’s amenities.

The entire hotel and out-buildings are all covered with a beautiful thatched roof.

We started our day with a huge breakfast buffet in the open-air dining room that overlooks the animals’ waterhole. It included Bloody Marys!

The 2-level swimming pool overlooks the waterhole, too

Every afternoon at 1:00, there is a vulture feed. The clever vultures know this, and start gathering in the trees at 12:45. Vultures are an endangered species here and this feeding program is part of a restoration project. The vulture man took a cooler of meat on the bone (kitchen scraps) in a cooler down to the eating spot.

Then, the vultures swept in for a feeding frenzy

At night, we hear the hyenas yapping happily as they finish up the bones that the vultures leave. Cool!

In the evening, we sat at the bar’s balcony to enjoy our last Zimbabwe sunset.

DINNER: The Boma Dinner Drum Show. This is a popular tourist attraction. It is a buffet with tons of interesting food. George liked the impala and guinea fowl. A server carves lamb from one that is cooking whole on a spit.

We went to the worm station and ate one of the worms that is considered a delicacy here. It is boiled, then fried. For our daring experience, we received a certificate proving that we did it!

Following the dinner, we enjoyed a drum and dancing performance – very well-done.

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