The end of our Botswana Safaris

LOCATION: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
WEATHER: Quite pleasant. High 80.

On our way to breakfast at Kanana Safari Camp, we encountered a baboon that was creating a mess, moving the logs on the pathway to eat the termites underneath. When we got close, he barked angrily at us.

We said farewell to Kanana. I learned that Kanana means Paradise (like Canaan in the Bible) and it certainly has been nice. Both camps have been superb.

Here are a few photos of our lodge.

The outdoor area where a fire is lit in the firepit nightly. Note the antelope grazing in the far background…

The open bar area…

Lunch area overlooking the plain where there is a constant animal parade…

We flew out in a little 5-seater prop airplane at 9:00. We dropped off 3 passengers at Shinde Camp. It is amazing how they coordinate these flights. Guests, staff, and supplies move from camp to camp to city and back. The pilot told us we had to wait a minute while he looked to make sure we had enough fuel. We do – whew! After dropping off those 3, George and I had the plane to ourselves for the 1-hour flight to the town of Kasane, in NE Botswana.

There, we were picked up by a guy in a van to take us to Victoria Falls. He explained that he could take us only to the Zimbabwe border. There, another guy met us to walk us through immigration, which consisted of a shack on the highway. Zimbabwe is in a turmoil and their currency is not worth much. They only accept USD for the visa fee. The clerk, a real bureaucrat, would not accept one of my $20 bills as there was a slight tear in it. He rejected the second one, too, as it had been crumpled up. Thank goodness, I had another bill. Finally, a 3rd guy picked us on the Zimbabwe side and drove us an hour to Victoria Falls.

We haven’t seen a highway in about a week, and this one was good, but we had to slow for elephants in the road!

There is a lot of animal activity close to our hotel outside of Victoria Falls. We have to lock our patio door to keep out baboons and monkeys, and these warthogs freely chomp on the hotel’s greenery.

After getting settled, we took a hotel shuttle in to town to explore. There isn’t much there – everything is tourist-oriented – shops and restaurants. However, we DID find a brew pub – of course!

DINNER: Meal prices are cheaper in town than at our hotel, so we stayed in town and found a popular place. We shared a pizza with Zimbabwe beer and South African wine!

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