Safari Day 5 – Lucky sightings!

LOCATION: Kanana Safari Camp in the Okavango Delta, in NW Botswana
WEATHER: Cool in the AM; hot in the PM. High 80

5:30 coffee wake-up, then breakfast at 6:00, and off by 6:30 for another game drive.

First we checked to see if the leopard was still in the tree, but she had moved on. Another guide called our guide Sue and told him about a pride of 12 lions, including 4 cubs. We headed there and watched them play and stretch. I could watch them for hours.

We drove around a different part of the safari land (careful not to get stuck again). but we did go through several deep puddles.

Sue found 2 male lions basking in the sun. How special!

One of them kindly moved to a tree in the sunshine for a great photo op…

Death – From time to time, we see carcasses – mostly elephants who have died of old age. We saw a giraffe that had been killed by one of the lion groups we saw today. We also saw a small antelope carcass hanging in the branch of a tree – left from a leopard who had dragged it up high to feast on. Sadly, there are lots of dead hippos all around – they have starved to death as a result of the fire here last spring and the subsequent lack of grass on which to feed.

A note about hygiene….With these 4+ hour game drives, Mother Nature is bound to call. When the moment strikes, we ask the guide to stop and he finds us a safe tree. He scopes it out for lions and leopards, and then instructs us to clap our hands as we walk to the back of the assigned tree. The jeep has toilet paper and tiny paper bags on board for such needs. We put the used TP in the small bags and then drop them in the dustbin when we return to camp. All very civilized.

More zebras, giraffes, and elephants…

After this great morning game drive, we returned for lunch at camp. Another yummy meal, followed by siesta. We checked out the swimming pool.

Then, back to the lodge for 3:30 high tea and the next activity. This was another dug-out canoe trip. It was quite different from the one in the previous camp. Due to low water levels, we drove to the river, hopped on a motor boat to cross, then boarded the makoro, the dug-out canoe. En route, we spotted a lot of HUGE croccodiles and hippos. In the canoe, we enjoyed about 2 hours in the delta channels. We saw several of the very rare aquatic antelopes, an otter, and many storks manning their nests.

On our way back to camp, we stopped for our final sundowner. With our G&Ts, we had billtong (jerky) and olives. Quite sophisticated.

DINNER: Our last dinner in the Delta! We had kudu fillets and lots of side dishes. The staff sang and danced a farewell for us. All 7 guests depart tomorrow.

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