On to Botswana

LOCATION: Maun, Botswana
WEATHER: Much hotter here. High 90

NOTE – We have been out of wifi-land for several days, so I am catching up with our recent safari trips (following our stay in Cape Town) in the following posts.

Our taxi (same guy as yesterday) picked us up at our (Islamic) hotel in Capetown, and whisked us to the airport. We drove by miles and miles of shantytown, called townships. There must have been a million shacks crushed together with lots of people milling around. The poverty is mind-boggling.

The driver told us that local South African white people will not drive on this stretch of highway. He said it is dangerous for him, too.

He said that the poor condition of the road is because the people don’t have running water in their shacks. They bathe, wash dishes, and wash clothes in bins, then dump the water onto the road. Indeed, we drove through a lot of puddles.

We have whittled down to a backpack each. I also have a small duffle and George has his new “murse” – man purse. Our dear friend Tony with whom we travel each summer has one, and George had been admiring it for quite some time. He loves it.

We had been worried about our flight, as I wasn’t able to check-in yesterday online, but all went well at the airport. We flew South Africa Airways. This is the view of the townships as we got airborne.

The flight was very nice. On our 2.5 hour flight, they served us wine and a nice lunch!

This is the dry season, and everything looked brown from the air. We landed in dusty Maun, a small city of 50,000. My first impression was dust and sand everywhere. The hotel van took us to our hotel, passing donkeys, cows, and goats roaming on the highway. Cement block houses without glass windows. Children running around playing with sticks.

The hotel is a “resort”, an oasis in the middle of nowhere. We asked why there are high fences surrounding the property…..it is to keep the hippos and croccodiles out in the rainy season when the ditch fills up!

We had a drink around the pool – George tried a Botswana beer, of course.

We strolled around the property. There are a lot of interesting bugs…..

Everything is open air. I think air-conditioning would be pretty useless. We sat outside for dinner. George had the least expensive thing on the menu – rib-eye steak!! I tried the croccodile. It was an Asian-style stir-fry. I was surprised that the meat was pretty fatty. Why would croccodiles have a lot of fat?

An early night, as we need to get up early tomorrow for our flight to the safari camp

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