Traveling is not for the faint of heart!

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: Same as every day we have been here – perfect! High 73

We really enjoyed our stay at the wine estate in Stellenbosch, so we hate to complain. However, this little guy and one of his small bird friends sat outside our window and started yelping continuously at about 3:00 AM!

All of the staff at the wine estate were busy running around preparing for 4 separate events today at the winery. This room is set up for one event, in their converted barn.

We took an Uber 25 miles back to Capetown. Our plan was to stay in a hotel near the airport to prepare for our flight tomorrow to Botswana for the safari.

However, we needed to make a detour to stop at the property management building associated with the AirB&B we stayed while we were here before. While in Stellenbosch, it hit us that we (and I use that word loosely) had left a notebook with very important financial and travel papers in a bathroom drawer along with male undies. The concierge in the wine estate called for us and made arrangements for the housekeeper to collect it and have us pick up the package. When we got there, no one could find it. After about an hour of head-scratching, telephoning, and searching, it was found. Whew!

To celebrate, we walked to a nearby seafood/sushi restaurant that we had wanted to try previously. On Saturdays, they open their outdoor patio and offer quiet jazz music, with discounts on their lunches. We had some fabulous sushi and enjoyed a very pleasant hour or two. Check out Beluga for photos and menu at

Uber wasn’t working so we took a taxi to our hotel. The driver was quite talkative. As we neared the address of the hotel, he asked us why we were staying here. It is out in the middle of nowhere, not even close to the airport, and he said it is an Islamic residential area. We pulled up in front of a residential-looking building. With some trepidation, we buzzed the security gate, and found that it is indeed a small hotel.

We had to sign a form saying that we would not have alcohol in the room in order to keep it halal. Lots of different artwork with quotes…

Then, in our room, the Quran and some other Islamic religious books were on the desk along with a prayer rug for our convenience!!!!

It is nice and clean, and seems very secure.

With some down time, we decided to look at tomorrow’s flight and check in. Uh-oh! I got a message saying that there is a problem with our flight and to call South African Airways (SAA). Two issues with that – 1) their office hours have ended for the weekend and 2) we don’t have a phone here. SAA was on strike last week, but it has been resolved, I think. So, worry, worry, worry. I finally emailed the safari company and the administrator checked into it for me. She said it looks ok to her. I guess we will just see tomorrow! If we don’t make that flight, our entire safari trip might be in jeopardy!!!!! 😦

Being an Islamic neighborhood, there were absolutely no nice restaurants around. We found a shopping mall with a fast-food shop open. It is a chain specializing in take-away Afro-Portuguese food.

DINNER: The take-away food was a bowl of spicy rice and chicken – boujee. Pretty good. We ate it in the hotel’s breakfast area – no vino or beer for us tonight!

Even through all this drama, I managed to finish two books, both quite good. ….

BOOKS: “Emma” by Alexander McCall Smith. A take-off on Jane Austen’s heroine. And… “Past Reasons Hated” by Peter Robinson. Part of the British mystery series I like as the books take place in Yorkshire, near one of our housesitting assignments.

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