Luxury in Wine Country

LOCATION: Stellenbosch, South Africa — 30 miles outside of Capetown in the Winelands
WEATHER: Perfect (again!). Sunny. High 75

We had a very nice breakfast at our guesthouse’s restaurant. However, they don’t understand the concept of small portions. We asked for just a bit, and got this…..

South Africans seem to really like and appreciate artwork. This is a farm representation – above George’s head

As we were walking across the yard near the restaurant, we said “Good Morning” to a guy who ended up being the owner of this estate. (George talks to EVERYONE, and sometimes it pays off!) He asked about our plans for the day and we told him we planned to get Ubers to go to a couple of wineries for wine tastings. He said he had a better idea and offered us his driver for the day to take us around. He gave the driver Mkosi the recommended itinerary, and off we went….in great style!

Our first winery -Delaire Graff Estate – was the epitome of luxury. We walked around the grounds as it was too early to start tasting wine (although others were doing it – at 10:00 AM!)

The grounds, many sculptures, and buildings were all magnificent. Check it out at

From there, we drove about 15 miles to another wine town, Franschhoek – meaning French Town. We learned that this area was established by the Huguenots, French Protestants seeking refuge from religious persecution. We visited the Huguenot Memorial, very well-done

Back into town, Mkosi dropped us off to explore. This town is even more touristy (in a good way) than Stellenbosch. Elegant shops, galleries, and restaurants. We are in a wine town, so where do we go??… a microbrewery, of course!

Back with Mkosi, we headed back to stop in a winery for tasting and lunch. There are about 250 wine estates in this region. I noticed that the wine towns don’t have hotels. Instead, almost each wine estate offers luxury accomodation and restaurants.

This winery is called Tokara, and is lovely, too. Photos at

We enjoyed a delicious tasting – with these views

With this helicopter pad (for fly-in guests)….

Unfortunately, the restaurant was fully booked. By this time (2:00) we didn’t want a large lunch, so just bought a snack at a shop.

Mkosi brought us back home and we rested, from a hard day!

DINNER: We enjoyed a nice meal at the guesthouse restaurant. We opted for a flat bread pizza rather than a heavy meal.

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