Finally a Down Day in Capetown

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High 75

Today was quite quiet. I wanted to lay low to recover from yesterday’s hike (my whole body aches), and especially let my ankle heal.

So, we hung out at our AirB&B. When the housekeeper came to clean the room (nice plus for this stay), we went up to the roof to enjoy the sunshine. George enjoyed the view….several girls with skimpy bikinis.

We watched the window washers dangling precariously from the 8th floor, with just one rope attached to them. I could never do that job!

Then, off to lunch in our neighborhood. The grocery store where we have been shopping has restaurants and shops above it. We went up to the top – a courtyard full of roof-top restaurants. We found one that was a bit swanky, but with discount lunch prices. I had two glasses of wine for $2! We shared a platter of appetizers like hummus and a platter of beef carpaccio. All for less than $15. Food here is superb and inexpensive.

Back at the AirB&B (now all clean with the dishes all washed and put away -love it!), we worked on our luggage situation. Normally when we travel, it is with just a backpack each. On this trip, we also brought a small rollerbag as we had to pack some nice clothes for the cruise. We have to ditch the rollerbag now as it is not allowed on the small bush planes we will be taking during our safari. Also when we travel, we take things that we have bought at a second-hand shop, so we can donate things along the way. In addition to leaving the suitcase here (probably the housekeeper will love it), I will leave a few clothes items. The rollerbag was actually free, too – at a garage sale last year as the handle was broken, but George fixed it. So, we don’t feel bad giving it away. It looks like it will all fit. Yay!

DINNER: I made a pasta sauce from the leftover ostrich burger and all the remaining vegetables. Served over the pasta. We did pretty well. We will be leaving only a few food items for the housekeeper – bit of cereal, olive oil, pasta, and milk.

Our final view of the ferris wheel from our balcony – overlooking the Capetown waterfront area.

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