George’s Plan….Find a brewery!

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: We have been so lucky here. Just perfect every day – high 70; sunny

For the last 3 days, I have been planning a busy schedule and we have criss-crossed the city. George said he wanted to plan today as a down day. So, guess where we went??….. a brewery of course!

We found one online called Devil’s Peak, named after the mountain next to Table Mountain that looms over the city. We splurged and took an Uber – $4.75 for a 20-minute ride! The beer was excellent. A huge bacon and blue cheese hamburger and two pints of craft beer set us back only $8. What a deal!

We decided to walk the 4 miles back home. It was through an industrial section, and a fairly run-down area, but we felt safe enough. Mini-vans drove up and down the street honking their horns, with a guy hanging out the side yelling the name of the township where they were going. People jump on and off these vans like a bus system. They were going out to the townships, and then back into Capetown. We were tempted to get on one, but we needed the exercise to walk off those burgers and beer.

Back home, we were really tired and George napped. I did computer work – mostly looking for flights back home. Most are 40 hours or so and really expensive. The $149 fare on Norwegian Airline we took from Austin to London to get to the cruise ship is not available in the winter. Bummer.

A note about our apartment. An AirB&B, it is a fraction of what we would have paid at a hotel in the tourist area. It is very modern and chic. Almost too modern…..we have had a hard time figuring out all the gadgets. First was the front door keyless key. We could open the door, but had to ask a neighbor to help us figure out how to lock the door. Then there was the induction stove top. Google to the rescue to figure out how to turn it on. Then there was the bathroom light. We looked and looked and could not find the switch. Finally it dawned on us that it is a motion-sensitive light. Yesterday we decided to do some laundry in the machine that is both a washer and dryer. It worked fine, but the clothes did not completely dry. Every time we tried a new cycle, thinking that is was a dry- only option, it started to wash again. Oh well, we can hang things up to dry..

We are located in a perfect area – walkable to the waterfront, near a grocery store, and with views of Table Mountain. This is the view of the mountain from our deck…

When the clouds roll in, they call it the Table Cloth, and this is what the mountain looks like….

On the deck there is a set of BBQ grills and an infinity swimming pool. Nice

The apartment building is an old warehouse. This Cape Quarter area of town is being gentrified – turning old factories and other buildings into lofts and apartments.

A few blocks away is a charming neighborhood with colorful houses. These, too, are being fixed up.

The neighborhood also has a large variety of ethnic restaurants – Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, African, etc. Lots of outdoor coffee shops.

We spotted a piano bar, which we love, and decided to go back tonight.

DINNER: We had salads at home, then ate at the piano bar. George had grilled hake. I just had an appetizer of arancini – Italian rice balls.

George did a good job planning the day. Now my turn tomorrow!

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