First impressions of Capetown

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: Just perfect. Sunny. High 70

As we docked in the harbor, we enjoyed beautiful views of Table Mountain (appropriately named) that looms over the city.

We disembarked at about 10:00. There were LOTS of suitcases waiting for people to pick up. Our tiny rollerbag looked a little sad among all the huge cases. Just glad we don’t have to lug them around!

As we disembarked, this local gospel choir greeted us with dancing and singing.

We made our way to the very nice Air B&B apartment where we will stay for a week in Capetown. The apartment is very modern. We have views of the waterfront as well as Table Mountain from either side.

So far, it seems like a lovely city. We strolled through the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Waterfront which is full of shops, outdoor restaurants, and tourist attractions.

DINNER: We found a supermarket not far from our apartment and bought food for a few days. We will probably eat breakfast and dinners here, and eat lunch out. To our delight, we found gas BBQs on the rooftop deck, so bought food to grill.

Uh-oh….when we got ready to grill the chicken wings for tonight’s dinner, we could not get the grills to work. So, I improvised and sauteed the wings in a skillet inside. I added diced bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. At the end, I added white wine and plain yogurt for a sauce. Not too shabby. Served with a salad. It is nice to be able to cook again.

Speaking of wine…..the South African wine is excellent so far, and quite cheap (especially compared to the cruise ship). We bought medium-priced bottles for $5 at the grocery store. $2 a glass in a cafe where we had lunch. I will like this!

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