The delightful cruise ends….

LOCATION: Last day on the Queen Elizabeth. Docked in Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: Mild, high 70

We departed from Walvis Bay, watching huge jellyfish swim next to the ship in the harbor. We learned that only about 6 cruise ships dock here a year, so it hasn’t become very commercialized yet.

The seas almost immediately became rough. We just have one more day at sea before we reach Capetown. Many of the passengers are going on to Australia from here— 3 more weeks!

We tried to take advantage of the ship’s offerings one more time before we go….

A glimpse into one of the ship’s nice restaurants…

One final afternoon in a cozy nook to read a bit..

A final visit to the pub for a pint and trivia

We couldn’t resist this photo. This Thai waiter reminded us of Kim Jong-un – in both looks and personality….

A final show in the theatre….

These are the nice people, all Brits, who have been our dinner tablemates for the cruise. We had the 8:30 seating which we liked, although it made for late nights if we did a 10:30 show after dinner

This kind man, a Filipino, has been our waiter every night. He knows I like hot sauce and sets a bottle of Tabasco next to my place setting each evening….

George and I checked out the Churchill Cigar Room. He bought a Cuban cigar when we were in Tenerife, then enjoyed it under the guidance of Churchill…..

Boy – did it stink!

Saying a final goodbye to my good friend, the Queen, as we disembark, after 17 days together on the high seas.

Next stops – Capetown, the South African Wineland Area, Botswana, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, then……???? No plans yet.

BOOKS: The Crowded Grave, another French mystery by Martin Walker. Again, I like his books as they remind me of the village where we housesat not far from Bordeaux. 5 stars out of 5

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