Cruising the South Atlantic from Equator to Namibia

LOCATION: Slightly south of the Equator, along the coast of Africa – Libya, Cameroon
WEATHER: More sun, High 90

There are a lot of sun-burned Brits on board. One of our tablemates is brown as can be. She spends almost the entire day, each day, lying in the sun.

Today was a food festival. One of the chefs carved an ice sculpture on deck in about 15 minutes. Fascinating, and it must have been very challenging as the ice was quickly melting in the hot sun.

Then, there was an exhibition of other chefs’ handiworks in the ballroom. There were various stations – vegetable food carvings, pastry sculptures, bread artwork, and a sushi station.

I was invited to help make sushi rolls.

We could taste from each station. I passed on the patisserie and chocolate fondue stations, but made a bit of a pig of myself with the sushi.

There are beautiful live and fresh cut flowers all over the ship. The arrangements in the main lobby are especially impressive. They are changed every few days.

Each day we receive the “Daily Programme” with the following day’s offerings. It is always exciting to see what is up next.

In the last few days, we have enjoyed some excellent lectures on topics such as African Bushmen, Elephants, Moon Space Program, and Britain’s early ships.

We even had a lecture about Salvador Dali, and learned that he was a good friend of Walt Disney…..who knew? They even collaborated to produce a short (really weird) film.

There was a series of 3 lectures about Japan.

There are other things we don’t participate in, such as a darts tournament….

Nor gambling….

One afternoon, we watched a “Float Your Boat” contest to see which tiny ship, made by passenger teams, would float the best. Outstanding work!

And another day, we participated in a wine festival, tasting wines from around the world…

Meals continue to be great. Some of our recent entrees have been seared tuna, orange roughy, veal, and mahi mahi. One night, we skipped the sit-down dinner and ordered pizzas from the informal dining room.

The performances continue to be excellent. We attended the musical “Top Hat” performed by the ship’s actors and a vocalist who sang songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The ship has its own orchestra that accompanies each of the guest performers. They are superb, too.

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