Rockin’ and Rollin’ on the Queen Elizabeth

LOCATION: On the Queen Elizabeth cruiseship. In the rowdy Bay of Biscayne – off France
WEATHER: Rainy. High 58

It was a very rocky night. The captain has categorized our seas as rough, and warns passengers to hold on. We all look drunk walking around. Apparently this is common in the Bay of Biscayne. One of our water glasses fell on the floor in our cabin during one particularly big wave, and broke.

Each day, we are given a newspaper and a “Daily Programme”, a brochure announcing all of the day’s activities choices. There are too many to do!

We started with a morning stretch exercise class in the fitness center, then had breakfast in the buffet restaurant. There are several restaurants from which to choose. The first activity we did today was to listen to the tour director talk about Lisbon, our first port of call. Then, feeling a little woozy, I lay down for a bit in our room.

We convinced ourselves to get up and get going, thinking that we would feel better out and about. We went to the British pub for lunch. There is something about watching others happily tucking into their fish & chips with a pint that re-invigorated me. We joined the Brits by sharing a vegetable pastry dish and listened to nice guitar music. Much better!

We spent much of the afternoon checking out different music venues. This was a pop group…

Followed by a pianist in the grand lobby (shades of Titantic)

Then, we attended a talk (with complimentary bubbly) in the art gallery. Amazing, original artwork. Due to the rough seas, they had to put the statues away!

George participated in afternoon High Tea. I sat in the balcony and watched everyone enjoying their tea, pastries, and cucumber sandwiches, all accompanied by classical music.

Then, more music a classical violinist and a pianistThen – a harpistThis is how the classy people party!
I attended a makeup session in the spa area to learn how to look 10 years younger. (Not sure about that).

We dressed for dinner. “Smart attire” is required after 6:00. Gentlemen must wear jackets. Women have to have a dressy pants outfit or a dress. I have a lot of mix and matching to do for 17 nights!

We enjoyed a G&T in one of the swanky cocktail lounges before dinner, with yet another pianist.

DINNER: We dined at our assigned table at our assigned 8:30 seating. We noticed that there were a lot of tables empty – guessing that some people were under the weather. One of our tablemates said that he had spent the whole day in bed. I had tuna sashimi as an appetizer and a crab/shrimp canneloni for my main. Our tablemates generally order the recommended dish of the day. Tonight they all selected the stilton & broccoli soup for their appetizer and a 3-bird roast for their main. Very hearty.

We passed up the night’s show, ballroom dancing, and pop music gathering. Just too pooped. We will do it another night.

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