Checking out Southampton

LOCATION: Southampton, England

WEATHER: Yucky day – rain almost the entire day. Windy.. Cooler – 45 high

Breakfast was included at our B&B stay in Foreham. George had the full English breakfast – with hash browns instead of fried bread. (We tried that years ago – toast just dripping in fat – not pleasant). I was feeling very smart…..The waitress pronounced my omelette order as “Brilliant!”

Today is the final game of rugby’s World Cup. The finalists are England and South Africa. Rugby fever runs high here. The games are being played in Japan, so with the time zone difference, fans were preparing to watch this morning at 8:00 AM. Normally pubs open at 9:00 AM, but the government temporarily is allowing them to open today at 8:00.

So, as we were eating our breakfast in the hotel’s pub/restaurant, the fans were already watching the game and sippping their pints.

When I checked out of the hotel, the clerk declared “Brilliant” when I said we were leaving. I am feeling very smart today! 🙂

We were hoping that everyone would be watching the telly, and that the traffic on the busy highway to Southampton would be calmer; no such luck. It was with some relief that we dropped off the car at the rental car agency. We dropped off our luggage at our hotel, and went off to explore Southampton.

Along the docks a huge cruise ship dominates the sky line….

It is a Norwegian ship, on its way to New York City. Huge!

We climbed up and away from the harbor area and found “Old Southampton”. In the 1600s, this wall circled the city, protecting the castle from invaders.

We found this pub, and thought it was appropriate for us to have a pint, for our departure tomorrow. We learned that the pub was originally called The Queen. It was the hang-out for the local Titanic crew. After the Titantic sank, the families of the crewmen living in the area asked that the pub be renamed.

Southampton has some huge shopping malls and an Ikea, so we spent some time browsing, as a way to keep out of the rain.

DINNER: Being cold and rainy, we did not want to walk too far. Our choices around our hotel were minimal – a TGI Fridays and a McDonalds. Ugh. We finally found a very nice Italian restaurant in a movie/entertainment complex and split a light pizza.

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