Finishing up another housesit

LOCATION: Fareham, Hampshire, England

WEATHER: Light rain most of the day. High 58

We spent the morning at our housesitting, preparing for the homeowners’ return – cleaning, laundry, and playing with Buttons…

The owners returned about 2:00, and we took off. We could have stayed overnight, but thought they would like their privacy. We had booked a hotel in a town on our way to Southampton.

We are staying at Round-about Hotel, quite logically located on one of the town’s round-about.

This sign next to our hotel was so helpful – so we could find some local pubs…

We walked into the town and stopped first at this pub. It is part of the Wetherspoon chain, one that we like as it has inexpensive drinks and food, yet keeps its independent charm..

The pub was quite popular, and we couldn’t find a seat. While we were standing at the bar, a nice man came up to me and said that he couldn’t stand to see a lady standing. He said he spotted a seat recently vacated and wished to accompany me to a seat. All of this, of course, in a lovely British accent. So neat!

Then, to another pub, this one very much one frequented by locals.

No one seemed to know the meaning of the pub’s name. One of the pub’s regulars shared a table with us, and we had a nice conversation.

Back to our hotel for dinner. Its restaurant and pub are popular, too. It is hard to convey the atmosphere…

We shared a snack platter for our dinner – ribs, chicken wings, and halloumi.

The hotel room is tiny, but clean and quiet. We have to go to bed early in order to get up early tomorrow to watch the rugby – world championships that people are gaga about!

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