The British are so polite!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Meonstoke, Hampshire, England

WEATHER: Partly sunny. High 50

I just love the British manners. Of course, their accent makes Brits seem posh, even saying mundane things.

This morning, while I was walking Buttons, our housesitting charge, another dog approached us and started barking uncontrollably. In the US, the dog owner would probably angrily shout “Shut Up” or “Bad Dog”. This owner simply softly purred “Silly Dog” and sure enough, the dog quieted.

This sign was on our pathway…. (Polite Notice….)

Then, today while driving around a confusing round-about, we got off on the wrong exit, going the wrong day!!!! Instead of honking or yelling at us, the drivers calmly stopped and let us do a u-turn. Lovely!

Buttons and I checked out the backyard, on the hunt for bones and toys to play with. Their house is right on the River Meon..

This is the view from the backyard across the river…

We drove to Portsmouth, about 20 miles due south from here. I read that it used to be a rough seaport city, but is now a popular tourist spot.

We walked around the historic docks section, then spotted this 1600s pub for lunch…

We got away from the tourist section and strolled the old section’s streets. We checked out this seafood market that had lots of interesting seafood – including whelks.

I was glad to get home. The traffic always makes me nervous. George is a very good driver – especially considering he is driving on the left with the steering wheel on the right, plus a manual stick shift he has to maneuver with his left hand. Wow!

DINNER: Whenever we housesit, I like to make some dish for the homeowners to eat upon their return. I always think that they are probably tired from traveling and don’t want to go shopping. So, tonight I made a white chili soup for them, knowing that it will improve after a day or so. We had it tonight with chips and salsa that George made from the garden’s green tomatoes. We liked it, and I hope the owners like it when they eat it.

BOOK: Just finished “Belgravia” by Julian Fellowes – author of “Downton Abbey”. Similar English drama. 4 stars out of 5

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