Hampshire life

LOCATION: Housesitting in Meonstoke, Hampshire, England

WEATHER: Sunny and crisp (50) in the AM; overcast in PM

I took Buttons (our charge this week) for a walk around the village to take photos while the sun was out. Here she is waiting patiently for someone to let her back in the house….

I love the architecture of the houses in the village.

There are no street addresses. Our house is called Mill Cottage. Other names are Malthouse, Old Vicarage, Apple Tree Cottage, Old Village Store. So quaint! All of the houses are very well-kept and the hedges are immaculate. I especially love the thatched roof houses. This is a barn in the middle of town. The village uses it as a meeting/party place. It is where the Christmas season kicks off soon.

Besides houses, the village contains a pub (of course) and an old church. Here is the view of the pub as I walked down High Street.

The church looks very old. The gravestones appeared ancient. Most of the words on the gravestones were illegible. One that was more modern looking had a date of 1850, so the older ones must be from the 1700s or before…

Today’s destination was Winchester. Although only about 10 miles away, the GPS said it would take about 30 minutes to get there. The country roads are narrow and slow. (Alright by me!) As we drove down one country lane, we had to stop to let a bunch of pheasants meander by. It is pheasant season. Our homeowner warned us that we cannot let Buttons run off-leash as she goes mad chasing them..

Winchester is famous for its cathedral, which we visited. It is one of the oldest (1070-ish) and largest in England.

Our tour guide was a prim and delightful 80-year-old very British lady who was informative and fun.

We even got to check out the crypt which is partly flooded. The church was built on a marsh.

Jane Austen lived in a nearby village in Hampshire and was buried in Winchester Cathedral. Her coffin is under this stone…

Winchester itself is a neat town. We stopped at this pub for lunch..

British pub food has certainly come a long way. We shared an order of sausage and mash, presented beautifully….

With the USD strong, and the British pound low, our lunch was 11 pounds, about $12.50 US. (Of course, you have to add the beer to the cost of the meal!) 🙂

This is another pub we saw in Winchester – from the 1400s…

This is a great time of year to visit, as there aren’t many other tourists.

We switched from Daylight Savings Time last weekend, so we rushed home to arrive before sunset (about 4:45).

DINNER: With the leftover chicken roast, I made a rich chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. We had some nice brown bread on the side.

More BBC telly – tonight we watched one of old favorites – “All Creatures Great and Small”

Cheers to another fine day!

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